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Evans Performance Academy was founded in 2018 with the goal to teach the average car enthusiast how to properly tune or recalibrate the factory or aftermarket engine computer. Jeff Evans, head instructor, has over 15 years of professional EFI tuning experience owning and operating a world-class tuning facility, Evans Tuning. In this time, he has successfully tuned well over 3,000 cars on a wide variety of tuning platforms, makes, and models.  His real-world experience coupled with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering gives Jeff the ability to bring both theory and practice together to properly recalibrate a vehicle's on-board computer.

EFI systems are complex, making it crucial for a tuner to understand how each part of the system functions and interacts to create a balanced system. With Evans Performance Academy’s systematic approach to the tuning process, we break down all aspects of EFI tuning from electrical, mechanical, and software specific programming to give the whole picture of what is going on while you are tuning. Having a rock-solid knowledge base and skill set is fundamental to becoming a competent tuner. Let us help you become an expert on calibrating any engine management system, regardless of the engine or combination of parts being used!