Will I be able to tune my own car after taking these classes?

That's the goal!   We will provide all the necessary information and knowledge that will allow you to confidently tune your own car using a particular EMS system.

I am a complete noob and know nothing about EFI tuning.  Do I need to purchase anything before taking the classes? 

You wont need to purchase or have anything other than a computer and subscription, or a particular training course of interest.

What kind of support is there after the class? 

We offer a private forum for students either subscribed to the online school, or who have purchased courses. Lifetime members get exclusive email access for any direct questions they may have for any of the training courses.

What is the difference between the subscription and course purchase?

The subscription allows you access to any of the current training courses we offer, including access to the private support forum. You will have access to the training videos and forum ONLY for the time that you are subscribed. Once your monthly subscription has ended you will not have access. The course purchase option gives you lifetime access to the training videos you have purchased AND ability to download the videos. You will also have lifetime access to the support forum as well.

What is live training?

Our live training courses are pre-filmed tuning sessions with a vehicle using a particular engine management system on our in-house Dynapack chassis dyno. The live training sessions take everything taught in the training classes and show you step-by-step the tuning process and workflow. We work diligently to film/edit as many live training sessions as possible, so if you don’t see your particular engine management system or vehicle it may be coming in the future! If you have a vehicle that you’d like us to film for a live training session, please fill out this form HERE.