AEM Series 1 .png

Now discontinued, the AEM Series 1 was once a top-of-the-line engine management system in the early 2000s. It introduced the plug-and-play concept to the aftermarket and allowed the masses to access affordable engine management for tuning. Despite being dated, its still an excellent choice for engine management. Evans Performance Academy offers a comprehensive AEM Series 1 training course covering all of needed information in order to properly tune with the AEM Pro and AEM Log software. This 10+ hour training course will get you up to speed and tuning like a pro with AEM Series 1 EMS!

AEM V1 Training Course Topics

  • Knock Control

  • Rev Limiters

  • Coil Dwell & Injector Phasing

  • Nitrous Control

  • Boost Control

  • VTEC Tuning

  • Water/Meth Injection Tuning

  • Miscellaneous Features

  • Data logging Basics

  • AEM Log Introduction

  • AEM Log Overlay

  • AEM Log Review

  • Software Download & Install

  • AEM Pro Basics

  • AEM Pro Page Layouts

  • Injector Data & Inputs

  • Configuring Outputs

  • Main Fuel Table

  • Start-Up Fuel Trims

  • o2 Feedback Control

  • Acceleration & Deceleration Fuel

  • Spark Timing & Modifier Tables

  • Boost Comp Fuel Trim

  • Idle Control

Check out some samples from the AEM Series 1 course below.