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AEM Series 2

Evans Performance Academy AEM training course will encompass the earlier series 1 EMS and the predecessor series 2 EMS.  While the tuning software is different between these systems, the operation and programming logic & tuning strategy is very much the same.  This course will cover basics like software layout, navigation & features, and move to advanced tuning concepts like boost control, flex fuel and knock control.  Data logging will be explored in depth showing what to log, how to read the logs, and how to apply those changes to the calibration file.  Troubleshooting is a valuable skill with any EMS, and Evans Performance Academy will be covering what you need to know to pinpoint and solve issues when they arise during a AEM series 1 or 2 tuning session.  Using our custom-built engine simulators, you will be able to get hands-on experience as you follow along with lead instructor, Jeff Evans.

AEM Series 1 and 2 Training Courses Benefits

  • Learn basic software interface and operation

  • Learn to tune basic features like Idle, Fuel, Ignition

  • Learn how and what to data log based on application

  • Setting up basic sensors (map, throttle, wideband o2, oil and fuel pressure, etc)

  • Configuring fail safe protection features

  • Learn to tune intermediate level features like variable cam control, flex fuel, and boost control

  • Learn advanced features such as PID control, traction control, flex fuel, nitrous

  • Get hands on experience using our custom built engine simulators

  • Learn systematic, step-by-step, AEM-specific tuning process

  • Tips and tricks from real-world experience

  • Personal interaction with lead instructor, Jeff Evans

Course Dates