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AEM Series 2 has been a solid choice for inexpensive engine management for many years. With a long feature list, solid software, and many supported applications, it’s a great choice for many enthusiasts. The problem? The software is fairly complex, requiring a lot of very specific knowledge to properly program. We have the solution! Our 14+ hour AEM Series 2 training course cuts through the days, weeks, or years long learning curve and brings you the knowledge you’ll need to successfully map your own vehicle. New to tuning AEM? No problem, we have you covered! We start with the basics of downloading/installing the AEM Tuner software and walk you through each training lesson in very specific order so you can learn most efficiently. Whether you are tuning a naturally aspirated, supercharged, or turbocharged engine, you’ll learn how to properly configure a base calibration file and be able to tune from cold start to full throttle pulls! In addition, we take things a step further and show you the tuning process from start-to-finish on our chassis dyno with vehicles equipped with the series 2 EMS to illustrate all the concepts and techniques we learned in the training course!

AEM V2 Training Course Topics

  • Main Rev Limiter, 2-Step, & 3-Step Limiters

  • Drag Race Anti-Lag

  • Speed Calibration & Gear Ratio

  • Fuel Injection Timing & Coil Dwell

  • Variable Cam Control

  • Shift Cut

  • Flex Fuel Tuning

  • Laptop & On-Board Data Logging

  • AEM Data Overview & Configuration

  • Data Logging & Fuel Tuning

  • Data Logging & Knock Control

  • Data Logging & Boost Control

  • Data Logging & Closed Loop Fuel Control

  • Data Logging & Diagnostics

  • AEM Data Math & Overlay Functions

  • Data Logging & Track Tuning

  • Data Logging & Track Tuning (3-Step/Turbo)

  • Software Download & Installation

  • Calibration File Editing

  • Uploading Calibration Files & Firmware

  • Workspace Set-Up

  • Fuel Tables & Rescaling

  • Basic & Advanced Inputs

  • Cranking, Post-Start, & Warm-Up

  • Idle Control

  • Closed Loop O2 Fuel Control

  • Spark Timing Table

  • Acceleration & Deceleration Fuel

  • Fail-Safe Protection

  • Knock Control

  • Configuring Outputs

  • Boost Control

  • Staged Fuel Injection

  • Boost Compensation

  • Nitrous Control

  • Dyno Training Examples using AEM Series 2

Check out some samples from the AEM Series 2 course below.