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Have some tuning experience? Finished our EFI Basics course and feel like you’re ready for the next step? Our EFI Advanced training course is perfect to continue your EFI education! We cover concepts and tuning techniques such as volumetric efficiency, fuel injector characterization, injection timing, coil dwell & trigger edges, fuel calculation strategies, PID closed loop control, how to read spark plugs, knock control, variable cam tuning, flex fuel tuning, fail safe protection, staged fuel injection, and much more! This multi-part training course spans 10 hours worth of material.

EFI Advanced Course Topics

  • Open vs Closed Loop Tuning Techniques

  • How To Tune NA Engine Spark Timing

  • How To Tune Forced Induction Spark Timing

  • Reading Spark Plugs

  • Knock Control Tuning

  • How To Tune Variable Valve Lift Engine

  • How To Tune Variable Cam Control Engine

  • How Flex Fuel Tuning Works

  • Fail-Safe Protection

  • Staged Fuel Injection

  • Traction Control

  • Turbo Wastegates & Boost Control

  • Large Injector Tuning Tricks

  • Bad Fuel Injector Data

  • Volumetric Efficiency

  • Airmass

  • BSAC, BSFC, and Fuel Flow Rate

  • How To Size Fuel Pump & Fuel Injectors

  • Fuel Injection Timing

  • Fuel Injector Characterization

  • Fuel Calculation Strategies

  • Alpha-N & Boost Compensation

  • Ignition Coil Dwell & Trigger Edges

  • Variable Cam Control & Exhaust Scavenging

  • Open vs Closed Loop Control

  • PID Closed Loop Control

  • OEM vs Standalone ECU

  • Configuring Main Fuel & Spark Tables

  • Cranking, Post-Start, & Warm-Up Fuel

Check out some samples from the EFI Advanced course below.