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New to EFI Tuning? If so, we have the perfect course for you! We start with the essentials to learn EFI tuning covering topics such as how an internal combustion engine works, the ideal gas law, pre-ignition/spark knock, fuel & spark tables, fuel system components, EFI sensors, fuel injector operation, and much more! This multi-part training series spans 4 hours in length and will be the perfect starting point in your EFI education.

EFI Basics Course Topics 

  • Internal Combustion Engine Operation

  • Engine Compression & Ideal Gas Law

  • Spark Timing, Knock, & Pre-Ignition

  • Flame Speed, Octane, MBTT, & Spark Plugs

  • Air/Fuel, Lambda, & Stoichiometric

  • Fuel Systems & Components

  • Fuel Injection & Operation

  • Ignition Systems, Coils, & Dwell

  • Common EFI Sensors

  • Sensors, Units, Outputs, & ECU Operation

  • Fuel Tables

  • Spark Timing Tables

Check out some samples from the EFI Basics course below.