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Getting started with EFI tuning may seem like an impossible task. There are so many details and concepts to know before you can break out your laptop and tune your vehicle that most enthusiasts give up before even getting started. Evans Performance Academy takes years of tuning experience and condenses it into the EFI essential courses. We packed all this knowledge into two different courses, EFI Basics and EFI Advanced. We HIGHLY recommend starting off with these two courses before you move into the system specific courses. These are great refresher courses for those who have some tuning experience, and you’ll be guaranteed to learn some things in the EFI Advanced course even if you are a seasoned tuner. With our course purchase option you get lifetime access to all training material, both current and future releases! This means if we add more videos to the training course library, re-film videos, or add any additional content you’ll always have the latest training information available at no additional charge. In addition, all course training videos/material is able to be downloaded for you to keep forever! As an added bonus we will be including course specific software displays, graph layouts, calibration and data log examples, and training pdfs.

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EFI Basics

Our EFI Basics course starts with the basics like how an internal combustion engine works, fuel, spark, EFI sensors, and much more. If you have no EFI tuning experience, start here!

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EFI Advanced

Our EFI Advanced course dives deep into EFI tuning. We explore everything from Volumetric Efficiency, Fuel Flow calculations, Injection Timing, Variable Cam Control, and much more!

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If you want to learn EFI Tuning, let's start with the basics! Completing this 12 part video series is going to give you the most important EFI information for a novice tuner. We take a look at both mechanical and virtual side of EFI tuning so you have a firm foundation for moving along to our EFI Advanced and system specific training courses.


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EFI Advanced training course is your next step in your EFI education. We revisit some topics from EFI Basics course in further depth and introduce a whole slew of new concepts and tuning techniques. The EFI Advanced series is designed with each video having very specific and focused content so that you can refer back to these videos if you get stuck at any time during the system specific training courses.


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We have bundled the EFI Basics and EFI Advanced training courses together to give you a savings of $25.00! These two courses will prepare you to move into the system specific courses we offer, and start your foundation to becoming a knowledgable tuner!