Haltech has been a go-to standalone option for those looking for robust hardware, intuitive software, and solid reliability.  Evans Performance Academy draws on its years of experience tuning Haltech engine management systems on a wide variety of makes and models to bring you a training course that encompasses the Sprint 500, Sport 1000/2000, Pro Plug-in, and the Elite series.  You will learn our systematic approach to tackling the Haltech software for no matter what engine or parts are installed, allowing you to achieve the best possible results.  From sensor scaling, cold starting, part throttle and full throttle mapping to setting up cam/crank triggers, we cover it all!  We will walk you through diagnostics and troubleshooting with Haltech systems, showing you what to log and how to read the data logs to achieve your desired results.  Finally, we will cover advanced tuning techniques such as traction control, flex fuel, PID-based control, boost control, and many other features.  To illustrate these concepts during lecture we use our engine simulators.  We have found hands on experience to be the best teacher, and this invaluable learning tool will do just that.  Finally, we provide test stations with examples for each student to practice and master the tuning concepts once the lecture is completed.  Personal interaction with the lead instructor Jeff Evans allows for questions to be asked and answered, ensuring you will have a firm grasp of the course material.

Benefits of the Haltech training course 

  • Learn basic software interface and operation

  • Learn to tune basic features like Idle, Fuel, Ignition

  • Learn how and what to data log based on application

  • Setting up basic sensors (map, throttle, wideband o2, oil and fuel pressure, etc)

  • Setting up advanced sensors (wheel speed, turbo shaft speed, flex fuel, etc)

  • Configuring fail safe protection features

  • Learn to tune intermediate level features like variable cam control, DBW and boost control

  • Learn advanced features such as PID control, traction control, flex fuel, nitrous

  • Get hands on experience using our custom built engine simulators

  • Learn systematic, step-by-step, AEM-specific tuning process

  • Tips and tricks from real-world experience

  • Personal interaction with lead instructor, Jeff Evans

Course Dates