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Haltech has been a go-to standalone option for those looking for robust hardware, intuitive software, and solid reliability.  Evans Performance Academy draws on the years of experience Jeff Evans, owner of Evans Tuning, has tuning the Haltech engine management systems on a wide variety of makes and models to bring you a training course that encompasses the Elite series.  You will learn our systematic approach to tackling the Haltech software no matter what engine or parts are installed, allowing you to achieve the best possible results.  From sensor scaling and cold starting to part & full throttle mapping and setting up cam/crank triggers, we cover it all!  We’ll also walk you through diagnostics and troubleshooting with Haltech systems, showing you what to log and how to read the datalogs to achieve your desired results.  Finally, we will cover advanced tuning techniques such as traction control, rolling anti-lag, launch control, DBW throttle control, flex fuel, PID-based control, boost control, and many other features. This 20+ hour course gives you formal training as well as dyno tuning examples to follow along in real world conditions.

Haltech Elite Training Course Topics  

  • Spark Timing & Tuning

  • Fuel & Spark Correction Tables

  • Idle Control

  • Engine Protection Fail Safes

  • Speed Calibration & Gear Ratios

  • Launch Control

  • Open Loop Boost Control

  • Closed Loop Boost Control

  • Rolling Anti-Lag

  • Flat Shift

  • Nitrous Control Tuning

  • Water Meth Injection Tuning

  • Flex Fuel Tuning

  • Variable Cam Control Tuning

  • Traction Control Tuning

  • Knock Control Tuning

  • Data Viewer Software

  • Data Viewer Overlay

  • Dyno training examples

  • Software Download & Installation

  • Software Overview

  • Calibration File Editing

  • Main Parameters Set-Up

  • Sensor Input Configuration & Set-Up

  • Output Configuration & Set-Up

  • Datalogging

  • Fuel Injector & Ignition Coil Set-Up

  • VE Fuel Tuning Strategy

  • Alternate Fuel Table Load Inputs

  • Injection Time Tuning Strategy

  • MAF Tuning Strategy

  • Cranking Fuel Tables

  • Closed Loop Lambda Control

  • Transient Throttle Enhancement

  • Drive-By-Wire Throttle Control

  • Miscellaneous Features

Check out some samples from the Haltech Elite course below.