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Haltech has been a go-to standalone option for those looking for robust hardware, intuitive software, and solid reliability.  Evans Performance Academy draws on the years of experience Jeff Evans, owner of Evans Tuning, has tuning Haltech engine management systems on a wide variety of makes and models to bring you a training course that encompasses the Sprint 500, Sport 1000/2000, and Pro Plug-in.  You will learn our systematic approach to tackling the Haltech software no matter what engine or parts are installed, allowing you to achieve the best possible results.  From sensor scaling and cold starting to part & full throttle mapping and setting up cam/crank triggers, we cover it all!  We will walk you through diagnostics and troubleshooting with the Haltech systems, showing you what to log and how to read those logs to achieve your desired results.  Finally, we will cover advanced tuning techniques such as anti-lag, flex fuel, PID-based boost control, and many other features.  This 13+ hour course brings you both formal training as well as dyno training examples to show real world tuning on actual cars.

Haltech Training Course Topics  

  • Injection Time & Staged Fuel Injection

  • Sprint 500 Programming

  • AP1 Pro Plug-In Programming

  • Pro Plug-In Idle Control & Transient Throttle

  • Pro Plug-In Decel Fuel Cut, Limiter, o2 Heater

  • Knock Control

  • Speed Limiter, Flat Shift, Launch Control

  • Pro Plug-In Boost Control

  • Pro Plug-In Fuel & Spark Compensation Tables

  • Flex Fuel Tuning

  • R32/R33/R34, DC5, & Hyundai Genesis Pro Plug-In Programming

  • Data Logging

  • Software Download & Installation

  • Editing & Saving Calibration Files

  • Creating Tuning Templates

  • Software Navigation

  • Fuel Tuning

  • Spark Tuning

  • Configuring Inputs

  • Open & Closed Loop Fuel Tuning

  • Idle Control

  • Transient Throttle (Accel Fuel)

  • Boost Control

  • Rev Limiters

  • Dual Tables & Gear Detection

  • Decel Fuel Cut & Engine Protection

  • Dataviewer Basics

Check out some samples from the Haltech course below.