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Honda FlashPro has been the main stream 06+ Honda tuning option for years and for good reason.  Excellent software, solid reliability, and ease of use all contribute to a great product.  We take our years of experience working with the Hondata FlashPro system and turn it into a systematic, step-by-step tuning process so that you can properly tune any engine or combination of parts that come your way!  Starting from basic software layout and navigation, walking through all the software features and functions, learning how to read data logs, troubleshooting, and finally tuning; the FlashPro training course will give you in-depth training that you cannot find anywhere else!  We will cover all aspects of tuning and concepts, from  naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous applications.

Benefits of the FlashPro training course 

  • Basic through advanced software and feature walk through

  • What to data log and how to read them

  • Systematic, step-by-step tuning process based on application

  • Tuning concepts for N/A, Turbo, Supercharged and Nitrous

  • Traction control, Flex Fuel and Boost control tutorials

  • External sensor configuration and logging

  • Personal interaction, Q&A with lead instructor, Jeff Evans

Course Dates