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Honda FlashPro has been the mainstream 06+ Honda tuning option for years and for good reason.  Excellent software, solid reliability, and ease of use all contribute to a great product.  We take the years of experience Jeff Evans, owner of Evans Tuning, has working with the Hondata FlashPro system and turn it into a systematic, step-by-step tuning process so that you can properly tune any engine or combination of parts that come your way!  Starting from basic software layout and navigation, walking through all the software features and functions, learning how to read data logs, troubleshooting, and finally tuning, the FlashPro training course will give you in-depth training that you cannot find anywhere else!  We will cover all aspects of tuning and concepts from naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous applications. This 14+ hour training course combines both formal training as well as dyno tuning examples showing the Flashpro tuning procedure from start-to-finish on our chassis dyno using real vehicles!

Flashpro Training Course Topics

  • Datalog Review

  • Variable Cam Tuning

  • Lambda Overlay

  • How To Create All Motor Basemap

  • How To Create Forced Induction Basemap

  • Idle & Part Throttle Tuning

  • Full Throttle Tuning

  • Common Tuning Mistakes

  • 8th Gen Civic Si Proper Tuning Calibrations

  • 9th Gen Civic Si Proper Tuning Calibrations

  • Honda s2000 Proper Calibrations

  • R18 Civic Proper Calibrations

  • Acura TSX Proper Calibrations

  • Acura RDX Proper Calibrations

  • V6 Proper Calibrations

  • Software Installation & Tuning Template

  • Calibration Files

  • Software Navgiation

  • Calibration File Overview

  • Fuel Modifiers

  • Ignition Modifiers

  • VTEC & Variable Cam Control

  • Closed Loop Control

  • Knock Control

  • Rev Limiters, Idle Control, Sensors

  • DBW Throttle Control

  • Boost Control

  • Flex Fuel

  • Data Logging Basics

  • Data Logging Templates

  • Live Training Turbocharged Honda s2000

  • Live Training All Motor 8th Gen Civic Si

Check out some samples from the Hondata Flashpro course below.