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Hondata Kpro is the go to system for tuning K-series equipped vehicles like the RSX and EP3, along with K-series swapped vehicles. We take Jeff Evans’, owner of Evans Tuning, years of experience working with the Hondata Kpro system and turn it into a systematic, step-by-step tuning process so that you can properly tune any engine or combination of parts that come your way!  Starting from basic software layout and navigation, walking through all the software features and functions, learning how to read data logs, troubleshooting, to finally tuning, the Kpro training course will give you in-depth training that you cannot find anywhere else!  We will cover all aspects of tuning and concepts from naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous applications. This 13+ hour course combines both formal training as well as dyno tuning examples so you can see the software in real world use on actual vehicles!

Kpro Training Course Topics

  • Live & On-Board Data logging

  • Reviewing Datalog

  • Lambda Overlay & Fuel Tuning

  • Calibration Editing Techniques

  • How To Create All Motor Base map

  • How To Create Forced Induction Base map

  • Idle & Part-Throttle Tuning

  • Full Throttle Tuning

  • Common Mistakes

  • Properly Tuned Calibration Files

  • Ignition Demands

  • Honda s2000 Specific Kpro

  • Base RSX / K20a3 Specific Kpro

  • Data logging & Boost Control

  • Data logging & Knock Control

  • Track Data logging

  • All Motor Dyno Training Example

  • Turbocharged Dyno Training Example

  • Software Download, Installation, & Tuning Template

  • Working With Calibration Files

  • Software Navigation

  • Basic Parameters Overview

  • Fuel Trims, Fuel Compensation, & Fuel Injectors

  • Basic & Advanced Input Set-Up

  • Closed Loop Fuel Control

  • Miscellaneous Features

  • Boost Control

  • Flex Fuel

  • Nitrous & Water/Meth Injection

  • Fail-Safe Protection

  • Ignition, TPS, & Gear Compensation

  • Idle & VTEC Control

  • Knock Control

  • Rev Limiters & Anti-Lag

  • Variable Cam Control

  • Getting Started With Datalogging

Check out some samples from the Hondata Kpro course below.