HP Tuners Gen III .png

HP Tuners puts the power of flash tuning your GM Gen III vehicle into your hands.  The software is fully unlocked and loaded with all the tools you need to properly calibrate any modifications you have done to your vehicle.  Evans Performance Academy draws on the years of experience Jeff Evans, owner of Evans Tuning, has tuning GM Gen III vehicles to bring you a systematic tuning process to dial in the tune to perfection using HP Tuners.  Whether you have basic bolt-ons, a hot cam, or a forced induction application, we will walk you through the calibration process so that you can quickly get things dialed in.  We explore what’s possible with logging in VCM scanner software and how to read data logs.  This allows you to not only know exactly what the PCM is thinking but also what to change to get the desired results.  Take the guess work out of tuning your GM Gen III vehicle with this 10+ hour training course!

Hp Tuners Gen III Training Course Topics

  • Burst Knock

  • Idle Control

  • Idle Spark Control

  • Start-Up Airflow

  • Throttle Follower & Throttle Cracker

  • A/C Idle Control

  • Idle Control Tuning Demonstration

  • Systems Overview & Manual Transmission

  • Engine Diagnostics

  • Operating System Swap

  • Flex Fuel

  • Torque Management

  • HP Tuners VCM Software Installation

  • VCM Editor Overview

  • VCM Scanner Overview

  • Read/Write Calibration Files

  • ECU Logic Operation

  • Injector Characterization Data

  • MAF Calibration

  • Speed Density Calibration

  • Power Enrich / WOT Tuning

  • Miscellaneous Fuel Tables

  • Main Spark Tables

  • Spark Timing Modifiers

  • Knock Control

  • Shift Schedule & Shift Time

Check out some samples from the HP Tuners GM Gen III course below.