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Link G4+ is an outstanding engine management system with robust hardware and incredibly flexible software. The problem? There is a steep learning curve! We take the guess work and trial & error out of learning the software and programming capabilities with our 18+ hour training tutorial. New to using Link? No problem! We start off by downloading/installing the software and walk you through every last detail you’ll need to know in order to successfully master tuning your vehicle with the Link G4+ system. Utilizing our in-house developed engine simulator, we focus in and demonstrate each software function such as tuning the main fuel & spark tables, cranking/post start fuel, knock control, boost control, traction control, full throttle shift, variable cam control, drive-by-wire throttle control, and much more!


  • Driven Speed / Gear Ratio

  • Open Loop Boost Control

  • Closed Loop Boost Control

  • Knock Control

  • Drive-By-Wire Throttle Control

  • Launch Control

  • Traction Control

  • Gear Shift

  • Flex Fuel

  • Quick Tune Feature

  • Miscellaneous Features

  • Datalogging Basics

  • Log Analysis

  • Log Analysis Features

  • VTEC Programming

  • Engine Protection

  • Software Install & Download

  • Editing Calibration Files

  • Output Set-Up & Configuration

  • Sensor Input Set-Up & Configuration

  • Cam & Crank Set-Up

  • Basic Set-Up & Configuration

  • Main Fuel Table Tuning

  • Starting, Post-Start, & Warm-Up Enrichment

  • Closed Loop Lambda Tuning

  • Mixture Fuel Map

  • Acceleration Enrichment

  • Spark Timing Tuning

  • 4D/5D Tables

  • Individual Cylinder Trims

  • Idle Control

Check out some samples from the Link EMS course below.