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Megasquirt is an excellent entry-level EMS system, offering the ability to tune most any engine for an amazing price.  Despite being simple, the software can be powerful in the right hands.  Evans Performance Academy will walk you through the tuning process for bolt-on, naturally aspirated engines to forced induction applications.  Basic tuning such a fuel and ignition mapping, idle control, acceleration enrichment and cranking fuel will be covered along with more advanced features such as boost control, flex fuel, nitrous control, etc.  We will explore datalogging so you know what sensors to log and how to read the logs to make changes to the tune.  The 18+ hour Megasquirt training course is a perfect way to gain the confidence and knowledge to tackle whatever DIY build you have using a MS1, MS2, or MS3 system!


  • Custom Dashboard Creation

  • Programmable Outputs

  • Boost Control

  • TunerStudio Registered Version

  • MS3 Firmware Fuel Settings

  • MS3 Firmware Ignition Settings

  • MS3 Firmware Start-Up & Idle

  • MS3 Firmware Flex Fuel

  • MS3 Firmware Boost Control

  • MS3 Firmware Launch Control

  • MS3 Firmware Traction Control

  • MS3 Firmware Anti-Lag

  • MS3 Firmware Water/Meth Injection

  • MS3 Firmware Nitrous Control

  • MS3 Firmware Miscellaneous Features

  • Megalog Viewer Basics

  • Megalog Viewer Features

  • Software Download & Install

  • TunerStudio Basics

  • TunerStudio Navigation

  • Sensor Calibrations

  • General Settings & Set-Up

  • Cam & Crank Set-Up

  • Engine & Fuel Injection Set-Up

  • Miscellaneous Settings & Display

  • Main Fuel Table Tuning

  • MAF Based Tuning

  • Fuel Correction Tables

  • Cranking Fuel

  • Spark Timing Tuning

  • EGO Correction

  • Open Loop Idle Control

  • Closed Loop Idle Control

  • Acceleration Enrichment

  • Flex Fuel Tuning

  • Dyno Training Examples

Check out some samples from the Megasquirt course below.