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Want to learn how to tune with Megasquirt Microsquirt, MS1, MS2, or MS3 on your vehicle but aren’t sure where to start? Evans Performance Academy has the developed the most comprehensive training courses you’ll find anywhere for learning how to become a professional at tuning with Megasquirt! We take a unique approach to our curriculum by including a mixture of formal training and pre-filmed live training sessions using the system/software on a vehicle using our Dynapack chassis dynamometer. You not only get to understand the software features, functions, and programming but also get to see the workflow and tuning secrets to dial in your Megasquirt vehicle to perfection! With our course purchase option you get lifetime access to all training material, both current and future releases! This means if we add more videos to the training course library, re-film videos, or add any additional content, you’ll always have the latest training information available at no additional charge. In addition, all course training videos/material is able to be downloaded for you to keep forever! As an added bonus we will be including course specific software displays, graph layouts, calibration and data log examples, and training pdfs.

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Formal Training

Our Megasquirt training course takes a more formal approach to going over the essentials in learning how to work with the software, features / functions, data logging, vehicle and engine specific tuning tips, and much more! This is your first step in learning to tune with Megasquirt system.

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Live Training

Our Megasquirt live training courses ties together everything learned in the formal training videos, and shows you how to use the system/software in real world conditions. Lead instructor, Jeff Evans, goes through EVERY detail from creating a base calibration to all calibration changes until the last dyno pull.

Start Learning Megasquirt tuning Today!

Check out our current course offerings, and course bundle deal specials below.

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Our Megasquirt training course covers everything from basic software navigation and programming to the more advanced features such as knock control, idle control, nitrous, boost control, and much more!. Over 38+ training videos spanning 17+ hours. This is the MOST comprehensive Megasquirt training available anywhere!


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What to take your Megasquirt learning to the next level? We get specific and show you the tips and tricks to tuning Megasquirt in real world conditions on our Dynapack chassis dyno. These live training videos are the next step after your Megasquirt course is finished!


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Our Megasquirt master training course bundles the Megasquirt training and Megasquirt specific live training into one course, saving you $50.00 when purchased together. You will get over 40+ training videos spanning over 17+ hours. Make no mistake, this is the MOST comprehensive Megasquirt training course available anywhere. Become a professional at Megasquirt tuning today!