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Motec Hundred Series (M400/600/800) is a rock-solid race engine management system that has powered countless record-setting cars all over the world.  The software and hardware are second to none, which has established Motec as one of the premier engine management systems on the market.  The software has almost endless configuration possibilities, leaving your imagination as the limiting factor of what the ecu is capable of.  Evans Performance Academy's Motec training course will walk you through the basics and advanced of working with the ‘gold box’ to take advantage of what it has to offer.  Datalogging with Motec will be covered showing what sensors to log, how to read the datalogs, and what you can do with the data in both the tune and for troubleshooting.  Because Motec was designed specifically for motorsports, much of the course will focus on race-style tuning giving you instruction on how to set up features like traction control, boost control, PID tuning, strain gage / flat shift, anti lag, and much more.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to tune Motec, this is your chance!

Motec Training Course Topics

  • Acceleration Enrichment

  • Main Spark Table & Tuning

  • Spark Timing Modifiers

  • Coil Dwell & Injection Timing

  • Speed Inputs & Gear Detection

  • Closed Loop Lambda Control;

  • Staged Fuel Injection

  • Secondary Fuel Table

  • Individual Cylinder Trims

  • Idle Control

  • Open Loop Boost Control

  • Closed Loop Boost Control

  • Secondary Boost Solenoid

  • Nitrous Control

  • Limiter Tables

  • Diagnostics

  • Out Of The Box Thinking

  • Security & Features

  • Motec Software Download & Installation

  • Calibration File Saving & Editing

  • Custom Tuning Template Creation

  • On-Board Datalogging

  • i2 Logger Basics

  • i2 Logger Software

  • General Set-up & Configuration

  • Input Sensor Set-Up & Configuration

  • Output Set-Up & Configuration

  • Cranking, Post-Start, & Warm-Up Fuel

  • Main Fuel Table & Tuning

  • Fuel Modifier Tables

  • Traction Control Tuning

  • Over Run Boost (Anti-Lag)

  • Gear Change Ignition Cut

  • Lambda Compensation

Check out some samples from the Motec Hundred Series course below.