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Our live tuning classes are an excellent option for the average enthusiast looking to get into to EFI tuning or a seasoned tuner looking to expand their tuning system knowledge.  We realize that not everyone wants to learn virtually and may benefit from  face-to-face interaction and hands-on experience. If this is your preferred method of learning, we have you covered!  We take a systematic and scientific approach to our tuning curriculum and combine it with practical, real-world experience.  Starting with how an internal combustion engine works and operates, and working our way up to system-specific, step-by-step guides, we cover ALL pertinent aspects of EFI knowledge.  Having a solid knowledge base that includes EFI, mechanical, and electrical systems will give you an edge over the competition.  Having diagnostic and troubleshooting skills is perhaps what defines a good tuner from a great one. We will show you what to watch for and what to do when things go wrong.   Part of our hands-on teaching methods in the live classes will include using both engine simulators and our in-house Dynapack 4000 dynamometers.  The engine simulators let us quickly and clearly explain tuning concepts.  When applicable, our live dyno sessions will give students a real-world experience using what they have learned.  Once the live tuning course instruction has been completed, we will provide an interactive series of testing stations and situations to ensure that students fully grasp and understand what they have learned.  Finally, upon completion of each course, each student will receive a certificate from Evans Performance Academy letting everyone know they have what it takes!

Courses We Offer